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Virtual Legal Assistant

What Types of Tasks Can You Hire Virtual Legal Assistants to Complete?

If you own your own law firm, you may have heard about the numerous benefits associated with working with a virtual legal assistant compared to hiring a full-time legal assistant employee to work in your office. You can work with virtual assistants on an as-needed basis, only when you have work for them to complete. This may leave you wondering what types of tasks virtual legal assistant can help you to complete. Here is a little bit more information on the various tasks that a virtual legal assistant can help you with.
A virtual legal assistant can help you to complete many of the same tasks that a traditional in-office legal assistant can complete. This includes filling out legal documents and filings, returning phone calls to your clients, calling other law offices to set-up depositions, working to subpoena records, and helping to send out status updates to your clients. You also have the ability to allow a legal assistant to access your computer systems or case files, which may allow them to do research for you, transcribe phone calls or records, or even help with billing. Ultimately, you can have a virtual legal assistant help you with so many tasks, depending on what it is that you are looking for the professional to complete on your behalf.
Having an in-office legal assistant works for some companies, and for other companies, having a virtual legal assistant can be more beneficial. If you are looking to hire one or more virtual legal assistants to work in your office, EJ Virtual Assistants can assist you. Call or email us today and let us find you the ideal professional for your legal business needs.

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