Three Reasons to Work with a VA


There can be many reasons to work with a Virtual Assistant but there are three important reasons why businesses like yours choose to work with a VA and that is to save money, time and gain a peace of mine.  



I know, money isnt everything, but it sure helps.  On average, hiring a VA will save you money.  That is fact because VAs can be hired based on your need.  They can be retained by paying a monthly fee or hourly rate. Virtual Assistants are not considered as permanent employees and therefore, not having to pay for bonuses, taxes, 401K matching, healthcare, pensions, not to mention vacation and sick leave.  You pay for actual work done so your money is not wasted.  That's thousands of savings each year.  Click the comparison to the left to expand.



We all need more hours in the day to do what we need to get done. How many times have we said I need an extra pair of hands?  Well hiring a VA to handle things that you just don't have time to do will give you back tha precious time.  A Virtual Assistant can update contacts, unsubscribe you from newsletters that are no longer relevant, filter messages and delete junk mail, manage your email list, even order flowers and make dinner reservations.  It’s endless. So take back your precious time and hand those pesky time consuming tasks over to a professional.



When  you need A helping hand a knowledgeable Virtual Assistants is at your fingertips.  You are not alone.  Don't call in a temp who may not be able to provide the skills you need to get the job done.  VAs are self-employed professionals and are committed to getting the job done efficiently and timely.  So call a VA and receive professional support when you most need it.  You will have a peace of mind knowing you just handed your project to a professional.