What Are the Benefits of Using a Paralegal to Complete Legal Document Preparation For You?

Hiring an attorney can be pricey. However, not everyone is capable of filling out legal forms themselves. There may be terms that you do not understand, or you may simply want to have the forms professionally filled out to ensure there are no errors that can hold up the case or the filing. When you need legal document preparation completed, hiring a paralegal instead of an attorney can be extremely beneficial. Read on to learn why this is the case.
Attorneys typically charge a set fee per hour. That hourly rate is not lowered just because you need relatively straightforward and easy documents completed, such as divorce filings or paperwork to evict a non-paying tenant. Hiring an attorney is great when you need legal advice or have a complex case, but for relatively straightforward fillings, you may be spending a lot more than you need to to obtain legal document preparation. Hiring a paralegal is a great option because they understand the documents and the forms, ensuring they can properly help you to complete your straightforward documents. In addition to this, they charge a lot less per hour than an attorney does. This helps you to get the document help you need at a price that is much more affordable and within your budget.
If you need fairly straightforward legal document preparation, like divorce papers or small claim court filings, hiring a paralegal can help you to ensure the papers are properly filled out, without having the high cost of having an attorney prepare them for you. Here at EJ Virtual Assistants, we can connect you with paralegals who can prepare your documents. Email us today to get started.