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Legal Transcription

What Legal Transcription Is and Why You May Want to Hire a Freelance Legal Secretary to Help

In the legal world, a lot of words are spoken and recorded. Everything from insurance interviews to phone call conversations to depositions. Oftentimes, these spoken words need to be transcribed. This means that someone listens to the call or deposition based on a recording and types out exactly what is said. This is referred to as legal transcription. The transcription can then be passed on to other lawyers or be introduced into evidence at court so everyone can read what was said.
While there are many people out there that offer transcription services, it is best to work with a freelance legal secretary when you need legal transcription. This is because there are many legal terms that the average person may not understand or know how to spell. This can slow transcription down, or may even change the way a document reads if the wrong spelling or word is used. A freelance legal secretary knows legal abbreviations and terms, and as such, can transcribe them in an efficient and thorough manner. If a case goes to trial, one word being off or one abbreviation being off can change the whole context of a conversation or encounter, so it is extremely important that you work with a professional who has a legal background for all of your transcription needs.
Legal transcription is a tedious task, yet one that is necessary to complete. If your law firm has documents that need to be transcribed, a freelance legal secretary can help you. Here at EJ Virtual Assistants, we can help you get the help you need when you need it. Call us today to learn more about working with one of our freelancers today.

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